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• Accredited by ICAT (The International Committee of Autogenic Therapy, Lyon, France).

• Accredited by ISATAP (International Society of Autogenic Training and Autogenic Psychotherapy).ICAT

• Accredited by AAS (Australian Autogenic Society).

• This course is designated a Focused Psychological Strategy and qualifies for Continuing Professional Development Points (CPD) by the Australian Psychological Society and the Department of Health for many health and allied health professions.

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With Autogenic Training, you will learn how to self-direct the brain processes that self-regulate and generate body-mind health, general well-being and improved performance and being able to switch on these benefits instantly and at will with 6 easy steps! You can achieve this through the powerful and potent evidenced-based neuro-psychophysiological tool of Autogenic Training. There is no ‘hit and miss’ with Autogenic Training. Results are impressive and it’s the ultimate stress management, well-being and resilience boosting technique! Through the power of self-suggestion, we teach you how to talk to your body to turn on specific bodily reactions that underpin well-being. The amazing thing is that your body will actually ‘talk back’ to you and show you signs that you have successfully switched on the brain directed processes leading to calm, well-being, focus and improved performance. We call this the Body Feedback Communication Channel. It’s highly motivating and empowering, and it is scientifically based!! All you need to do is follow the methodical and prescriptive step-by-step approach. It is the world’s first and only western developed meditation technique. It is self-hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness and biofeedback training all rolled into one….and it is more. It is unique and it is evidence-based. It’s a skill for life and we guarantee that with self-practice you will be able to tap into and release your potential within.

Our Autogenic Training for individuals will equip you with with a skill for life. Whether your decide to register for one-on-one training, our 12 week Autogenic Training for Personal Purposes (Foundation) Course or the more intensive 2 day Autogenic Training Workshop, you can be assured that your training will set you up with the skill to self-direct and self-regulate the body-mind processes that under pin mental and physical health as well as optimal well-being and performance

Proven Benefits of Autogenic Training

  • calmer
  • sleep better
  • more energy
  • be a nicer person to be around
  • improved brain function
  • improved focus and memory
  • clarity of thinking
  • better problem solving
  • better decision making
  • enhanced creativity
  • strengthened immune system
  • self-regulated healing and feeling better
  • assists with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, high blood pressure, cardio-vascular disease
  • …and more!